Change DNS server address on Windows 7,8.1, & 10. The default DNS server provided by your ISP …

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Why can't I open any web pages when connected to the Internet?

Sep 23, 2017

Wifi connected but can't open any websites [Solved] - CCM

Can't load certain websites and apps on my laptop and a) Connecting to directly to the netgear router did not yeild any problems as I was able to load the previous websites that I was not able to while connected directly to the xfinity modem. 4) Traceroute while connected to the xFinity modem to the websites I couldn't connect to timed out all 30 hops. Connected to the internet, but browsers can't load any Page 1 of 2 - Connected to the internet, but browsers can't load any webpages. Help please! - posted in Am I infected? What do I do?: Just recently my laptop has been unable to load webpages, even Safari can't load specific websites - Apple Community