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One Time Task Scheduling using at Command in Linux – TecAdmin Feb 20, 2020 ubuntu - How to schedule a command to execute in every 2 cron is Linux's internal job scheduler.It helps in schedule your command to run at particular interval or date_time. type crontab -e on the terminal. add this line 0 */2 * * * path/to/java -jar path/to/mymonitoringtool.jar. save and exit. Crontab Syntax as follows. 00 */2 * * * path/to/java -jar path/to/mymonitoringtool.jar 9.7. Scheduling Tasks with cron and atd To execute a command a single time, just after booting the computer, you can use the @reboot macro (a simple restart of cron does not trigger a command scheduled with @reboot). This macro replaces the first five fields of an entry in the crontab .

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Enter time/date using natural language. You have many different options for entering time. Unlike …

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