Jun 11, 2020

In fact, the FBI likes malware so much, it created its own special brand. We don’t know much about it, but now that the US Department of Justice is pushing for policy changes that’ll allow the FBI Puts $5 Million Bounty On Russian Hackers Behind The United States Department of Justice today disclosed the identities of two Russian hackers and charged them for developing and distributing the Dridex banking Trojan using which the duo stole more than $100 million over a period of 10 years. Maksim Yakubets, the leader of 'Evil Corp' hacking group, and his co-conspirator Igor Turashev primarily distributed Dridex — also known as 'Bugat FBI Warns Supply Sector Software Providers to Watch Out

Pentagon, FBI, DHS to jointly expose a North Korean

As expected, the FBI will possibly cut off Internet access to millions of people on March 8, 2012 to help the country get rid of the DNSChanger Trojan. As a note: this does not affect all Internet users in the United States. The DNSChanger Trojan is a worm that changes the infected computer’s DNS (Domain […] Pentagon, FBI, DHS to jointly expose a North Korean

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May 18, 2020 FBI warns about ongoing attacks against software supply The FBI has sent a security alert to the US private sector about an ongoing hacking campaign that's targeting supply chain software providers, ZDNet has learned. a remote access trojan (RAT).