2020-7-17 · synopsis \si.nɔp.sis\ masculin ou féminin (l’usage hésite) invariable Résumé d’un film, d’un livre , plus détaillé que l' argument ou accroche . Quand on a ouvert la TV, Raymond Lemay dessinait, avec sa rapidité spectaculaire ordinaire, les zones de pression du synopsis des prévisions.

Synopsis - definition of synopsis by The Free Dictionary Define synopsis. synopsis synonyms, synopsis pronunciation, synopsis translation, English dictionary definition of synopsis. n. pl. syn·op·ses A brief outline or general view, as of a subject or written work; an abstract or a summary. n , pl -ses a condensation or brief review of synopsis - Wiktionary 2020-6-26 · (authorship) A brief summary of the major points of a written work, either as prose or as a table; an abridgment or condensation of a work.· A reference work containing brief articles that taken together give an overview of an entire field.· (Orthodoxy) A prayer book for use by the laity of the church.·synopsis Synopsis | Definition of Synopsis by Merriam-Webster Synopsis definition is - a condensed statement or outline (as of a narrative or treatise) : abstract. How to use synopsis in a sentence.

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Synopsis legal definition of Synopsis Synopsis. A summary; a brief statement, less than the whole. A synopsis is a condensation of something—for example, a synopsis of a trial record. Wikipedia 2020-7-20 · Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation.

2020-6-14 · A summary is a condensed explanation of an event, story, document, etc.. i.e. "summing up the facts." They are not constrained to any medium or topics. Not to be confused with abstract, which is a summary of a document. There are many different levels of summarization that can be done. The summarizer may choose any length, but the sumarees may

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