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2016-3-13 · [Solaris 10里如何修改broadcast]: hostname: loo 网卡名:pcn0 broadcast: 我需要把broadcast改成124.125.10.254 怎么做啊? 我输入 route add default gateway 结果提示 … ip - Delete Static Routes on Solaris 10 - Unix & Linux 2020-5-21 · For the Solaris route command, the delete, and add, sub-commands have the following syntax: route [ -fnvq ] cmd destination gateway [metric/netmask] So you probably have more success with: route delete -netmask Or to remove it permanently (as commented by @Alexandre Alves; assuming this was a permanent route): route add : network is unreachable 2011-9-13 · Please , I have a problem I have add a statis route on Solaris 10, but after this, the network interface of Server was Offline. The system is in cluster mode (3.2) route add -net -netmask ------------------- lo0:

2008-12-22 · command format: route add default hostname -interface interface eg:增加一条到本地路由器(的缺省路由,通常用在添加网关并马上生效 #route add default -interface hme1 动态路由 Solaris 支持路由信息协议(RIP),路由发现协议(RDISC

2009-8-12 · route add -host destination_ip local_ip -interface interface eg: 我们想为本地主机接口hme0(和另一台在相邻才C类网络上的主机(之间增加一条路由 #route add -host通往目标主机的网关) -interface hme0 Solaris 10双网卡 双路由-haiwei_wu-ChinaUnix博客

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2011-4-14 · 在Linux和Solaris系统中可以有多条默认路由,用以下方式添加至内存: route add default gateway route add default gateway 通信的 ROUTE命令_百度百科 2019-6-25 · Route命令可以在数据包没有有效传递的情况下,利用route命令查看路由表;如果traceroute命令揭示出一条异常或低效的传输路径,则可以用route命令来确认为何选择该路径,而且可以配置一个更有效的路由。 route add添加静态路由-CSDN论坛 2011-11-5